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Helen Grimm

June 15, 2014

IMG_3406Helen Grimm’s recent paintings cross back and forth across the terrains of abstraction and representation, and often linger on the border between these states, in preference for neither, often remaining on the threshold. Oscillating from the enormity of wide dune landscapes to the intimacy of a clam’s shell, viewed beneath the surface of the water, Grimm’s paintings ask us to travel visually and imaginatively through their compositions, taking pleasure in lush color and sensuous surfaces along the way.




Her colors are the achingly tender greens of early spring and the saturated purple of wampum and the bone whites, grey whites, so many whites found in the bright light of June on the Outer Cape.


The naturally derived forms become a handwriting, a calligraphic mapping of sensation, a subjective code.

Bodily sensations of vibrant form, light and color are conjured up by the natural forms and textures that flow through her paintings, whether originating in the experience of finding these open shells glistening in the tidal waters, or gazing out at the enormity and deceptive simplicity of a landscape of shifting sands.







Her recent paintings will be on display for the first two weeks of August, 2014, at 411 Studio in Provincetown.


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